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  • Collaboration for the 21st Century Organization


    The 21st century brings a new level of connectedness. 


    Constantly we are working together with more and more people in more and more places. Team diversity increases, real face to face interactions decrease. The future of work predicts even more fragmentation. We work with people from and in different countries, timezones, cultures and in different languages. We are communicating through many different channels and devises often also outside of office hours.


    Pressure increases and it becomes more and more difficult to keep track and a good overview.


    To deal with these rapid changes and to make collaborating in this vast net effectively possible, an ever growing number of smart ideas has been developed. The big amount of tools and methods that are supposed to make our lives easier show how badly we feel the urge to improve the way we work together with others.


    Impressive promises are being made and it is hard to tell what works and what doesn’t.


    The opportunity for improvement is high but the chance of pitfalls is equally high. Even if we have chosen for a mix of tools and methods, we are still confronted with the big question of how we can make them actually work FOR us.


    FOOC2016 invites everyone that faces these challenges of modern work-life to Amsterdam to

    share experiences, learn together and co-create new ways of collaboration.


    We will welcome a limited number of participants to be part of this adventure in tackling

    the present and future of the 21st century working life together.


    Collaborative communication

    (Slack, Ryver, Yammer)


    (Basecamp, Smartsheet, Wrike, Jira, Trello)

    Purpose/value based work
    (Teal Organizations, Social Enterprises)

    Online collaboration

    (Asana, Part-up)

  • What people say about us

    Participants of FOOC2015

    "Last years Future of Organization Camp was a great event, where young and elder independent professionals met to investigate the new frontiers of organizational development. Inspiring, Energizing and a Promise for future business development."

    Chris Kempen | Business Coach & Development @ Tolk - The Netherlands


    "I’ve been at the last Future of Organizations Camp and it’s incredible how this self-organized conference is working. Taking the next step in how we collaborate is really important.That is also why we as Part-up decided to sponsor this event."


    Lauren Wailing | Founder Part-up


    "Future of Organization Camp walks the talk: a quite innovative format leading to a wealth of shared knowledge!"


    Philippe Honigman | deconstructed CEO @ FTOPIA - France

  • Unique Conference Design

    A two day self-organized conference designed to improve collaboration in teams

    Improving teamwork on an offline

    We believe that learning and improving happens while having interaction and fun

    Some of the best learnings and improvements happen in fun and interaction. That is why we use innovative ways of bringing people together which are results-driven and at the same time offer space for play, spontaneity and the things that are really important to the special mix of people being present.

    Join us and meet others tackling the efficiency gap in the 21st century worklife from different angles and co-create new concepts & approaches to teamwork.


    Day one: Open Space

    A self-organized conference around collaboration

    Friday we will use Open Space Methodology, employing crowd intelligence of people from different fields to investigate together the collaboration challenges and maybe even solutions in teams. Self-organized and excitingly free with room for exploration of many different projects, problems or ideas in small groups.


    Click to read more about the Open Space Methodology.

    Day two: Co-Creating Solutions

    Converging your learnings into something to implement

    On Saturday we will facilitate convergence processes turning your learnings from day one in something tangible you take back to your team. With the help of others you will make the first step in improving the way you work together! Topics can range from the newest online collaboration tools to dealing with diversity in teams.

  • We'll have Visual Harvesting by Lucy from Sticky Pictures.


    All participants will receive a printed version after the event!

    Lucy is an experienced business trainer, coach, and foremost, observer. Once she shares her observations you will experience a new perspective. Her subtleness and audaciousness combined with her extraordinary gifts in graphic visualisation will truly enrich your experience of this camp.

  • Hurry up, Late Bird tickets available!

    2 - Day tickets €195 excl. VAT

    1 - Day ticket €99 excl. VAT

  • Location:

    creative co-working space

    'The Thinking Hut'

    Mauritskade 55C, 1092 AD Amsterdam

  • The Collaborators

    All participants are equally important to us but we invited some outstanding experts in the field of on and offline collaboration to join #FOOC2016 to add even more depth to the topic!

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    The online marketplace for teamwork

    Part-up's mission is to shape the future of work. This future is not about job security, but about access to work. With Part-up everyone can organise without an organization.

    Facilitator of innovative transformation projects

    Peoplerise is a catalyst, developer and facilitator of innovative transformation projects that involve people and organizations. 

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  • The Schedule

    This is the framework, designed for two fun and fruitful days.


    09:30h - 17:00h

    • Welcome
    • Introduction to Open Space Technology
    • Experiencing the impact of co-creation on people engagement
    • Start of the break out sessions: 24 topics in 6 different rooms
    • Rounding off the day

    Delicious Lunch, coffee and tee included


    10:00h - 18:00h

    • Welcome back
    • Introduction to the co-creation process
    • Co-creative sessions
    • Show and tell
    • Defining clear action steps to take home 
    • Offline drinks


    Delicious lunch, coffee, tee and closing drinks included

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